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24 March, 2015

Kitchen Must Have’s

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There are two things are vital to my cooking. They create so much flavor with very few calories added. Next time you’re out and about you must go buy them!

Special Urzi’s Italian Sprinkle

Special Seasoning

Urzi’s is a little Italian market down on the Hill in St. Louis. This Italian Sprinkle is the most versatile seasoning I have ever used. I have almost completely replaced salt and pepper with this spice. I buy it in bulk, however there are many sizes and prices to suit your needs. Some really awesome things to put this on are: butter bread, fries, pizza, and butter noodles. These are great because you really get to taste the flavor, but I also put it on roasted veggies, chicken, and everything else!

Balsamic Glaze

Basalmic Glaze

Balsamic Glaze is an awesome topper to most dishes. It is a great finisher for pasta, veggies, and meat. I also use this to make homemade olive oil glaze salad dressing. Use this product with equal parts olive oil and Italian Sprinkle for a great dressing!

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