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1 May, 2015

Kitchen Tip: Top 10 Kitchen Stock List

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You may ask yourself what top 10 items should I stock my pantry with. The following are must haves in my house. I use multiple top 10 items in every meal I cook.

1) Chicken Stock: this can be canned or boxed but make sure it’s already in the mixed form so it is easily accessible. I use this in place of additional oil when sautéing to cut back on calories. I also boil quinoa and rice in chicken stock vs water to provide extra savory flavor

2) Olive Oil: I personally like Kirkland’s brand because it comes in a large quantity and is very affordable. Its rich Tuscan flavor is the perfect way to sauté or roast with.  When adding olive oil to recipes you want to make sure and measure because it is very easy to add too much and really hike up the calories

3) All Purpose Seasoning: I use the Italian Sprinkle from Urzies on the Hill here in St. Louis. It is a blend of salt, garlic, onion, sugar, pepper, and red pepper flakes. There are so many out there to choose from so explore and find what works for you. This seasoning is so good that when I am not adding it to recipes I make a loaf of bread with butter and top with the Italian Sprinkle.

4) Raw Honey: This is a relatively new product that I have started cooking with. It provides so much flavor in marinades, Asian dishes, and fish.  I also use it in homemade granola and protein balls (recipe coming soon).

5) Balsamic Glaze: This is the best topper on the market! I use it for salads, pasta, roasted veggies, pizza, and pork. Balsamic Glaze is a very dense sweet and vinegary syrup that can be used so easily with no additional cooking required.

6) Fresh Garlic Cloves: Garlic to me is like salt and pepper. I use it in virtually everything. Invest in a garlic smasher they are inexpensive and make cooking with fresh garlic very easy. Jarred minced garlic is not fresh and doesn’t provide a good flavor in your dishes.

7) Petit Diced Tomatoes: I buy this in bulk because I use them often. They are very inexpensive and a good way to add some vegetable to sauces and pastas.

8) Quinoa: My new favorite gluten free item! Quinoa is a great replacement for rice and pasta. The possibilities are endless. On my blog I provide ample recipes on how to use quinoa. I like the tri-colored one because I can’t decide which color quinoa I like best. My kids love it…they call it baby noodles.

9) Soy Sauce: This is a very versatile sauce good in all Asian dishes and great for a marinade.

10) Siracha: I like to cook my meals for the whole family then top mine with this hot sauce. A little bit of spice is a necessity for my palate.



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  • Sue Albrecht
    May 7, 2015 at 8:31 am

    You have become quite the cook. I love your blog!

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