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8 June, 2015

Kitchen Tip: Cucumbers

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Cucumbers have a very distinct flavor, but when paired with the right thing they can be a wonderful summer treat. When using a cucumber in a salad, or side dish, it is a good idea to peel and deseed the vegetable. The skin of a cucumber should be peeled away, because of the wax, but also because it is tough and bitter.

Cucumber 2












Cucumbers contain a chemical, cucurbitacin, that causes humans to burp after eating them. This can be avoided when the seeds are removed.  You can do this by slicing the cucumber in half lengthwise and dragging a spoon down the middle. The seeds will pop right out.














A very simple pairing with cucumber is Hendricks dressing. Simply slice the cucumber and add a few tablespoons of this dressing for a great summer side dish.


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