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4 September, 2015

Kitchen Tip: Grilled Onions

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Grilled onions are sweet and savory. I use them to compliment dishes and meats. I even use them to go with a meat in place of a sauce. The best time to make these is when you’re already grilling a meat so you don’t prepare the BBQ for one onion. They take a little longer then meat to grill however it is worth the wait.

To prepare the onions cut the top and bottom off. Then peel back the outer layer of the skin. Taking a knife score the top of the onion into pie slices without cutting all the way through to the bottom. This is done to let the spices and sauce go all the way through the onion as they grill, perfecting every bite.

Lay the onion on a large piece of foil…enough to close at the top. Add one pad of butter and season with salt and pepper. Then top with balsamic glaze and seal by closing the foil and twist at the top.













Grill the onion for roughly 30 minutes or until it feels tender to the touch of tongs.

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